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SHAPE India - Mahila Panchayat

25/04/2018 13:13:01

SHAPE India has setup Mahila Panchayats in the District of south East Delhi in 2012. The Mahila Panchayats are taking cases and resolving them at the community level. These cases pertain to bigamy, maintenance, domestic violence, alcoholism and other women related issues.  In most of the cases Panchayats have been able to resolve the cases at their own level and in some cases, Panchayat had to take joint action to bring pressure on the men concerned so as to obtain redressal for the women complainants.  

Objective of the Mahila Panchayat –

-To stop violence against women through community awareness and action by changing values and attitudes in our society.

-To assist women in taking up her struggle with various stakeholders.

-to listen with empathy to victims of domestic violence.

-To provide a forum for conflict resolution to resolve insult family disputes.

-To prepare women for legal action and seek legal aid when necessary. Follow up and process documentation of all the cases.

Vision of Mahila Panchayat-

Women is not just a aggregation it is a commitment, a movement for building the change of confidence & faith reinforcing the power of togetherness. The Power of Women

Mission of Mahila Panchayat-

Every Women has the power to make a difference

Activities of the Mahila Panchayat

Through the Mahila Panchayat Programme, our Organization has created a friendly space where sensitive family issues can be discussed, counselling taken and reconciliation attempted at the pre litigation stage. Cases attended to pertain to the following areas i.e. Matrimonial dispute Divorce, Child custody, Dowry related issues, Sexual harassment at work place, Harassment by neighbours, Extra-marital relationships


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