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Supplementary Nutrition Food for Children (SNF)


Area – 1-Badarpur area in District South Delhi, Okhla area in District of South East of Delhi, 2-Palam and Dabari area in the district of South West of Delhi

Vision of the Project

Our vision is to serve nutritious and sanctified high-quality nutritious food to the underprivileged children, Pregnant women and nursing mothers. Our Goal is to increase enrolment of the children in Aaganwari Centers, reduce malnutrition and ensure no child is deprived from fundamental educational facilities due to Poverty as well as pregnant women and lactating mother also get proper nutritious and hygienic food.

Goal of the Project

The goal of the SHAPE India Supplementary Nutrition Food (SNF) Programme is to caters for the special needs of marginalized and needy group. It aims at bringing tranquility, social and economic development of children, women and Lactating mothers in the community.

Coverage of the beneficiaries

We are reaching out more than 50000 beneficiaries including children, lactating mothers and pregnant women and we would soon like to expand our SNF programme to cover for approx. 1 million children, pregnant women and lactating mother by 2020.


address: SHAPE India, N-81/3, Amar Market, Sourav Vihar, Jaitpur, Badarpur, New Delhi-110044
phone: 91-9811682693

Why Us?

We providing institutional facilities for comprehensive care, protection and rehabilitation of the homeless and destitute children with the ultimate goal of mainstreaming them into life.

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